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Zombie Patient
Rank: Rookie Cabal: No Cabal
Points: 20 Plot Twists: +0
Collectors #: Lab-022 Rarity: 1
Type: Monster Status: Active
Sculptor: Lucas Little Painter: Chris Hart
Deranged -At the beginning of your turn, roll 2d6.  if the result is less than 6, this monster is insane that turn.
Stamina  - Damage dealt to this monster is reduced by 1.
Brains! (Feast)  -  If the attack deals at least 1 damage, heal this monster of 1 damage.
We drove Grandpa to the hospital, but I think he was gone before we got there. I heard him stop breathing, but he was still moving some, so we left him at the emergency room. Maybe those docs can sort out what’s wrong with him.
Errata: None
FAQ: None
Review: by daved

With one of the shortest dials in the game, and the possibility of losing control of this monster in half of that, many players might consider this figure a liability. I'm not so sure. If you make your Deranged roll, you end up with a nice attack value and the ability to heal up. Potentially, this figure could be incredibly long-lived. Team this up with some Invulnerable monsters and it doesn't matter if you miss the roll, since it can't damage your other forces.
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