DS048 Urban Blyght is a HorrorClix 1.5 monster designed by BLG as part of the Dark Streets custom set.

Original PostEdit

48. URBAN BLYGHT Nightmare, Slasher
Most people try to resist the City's aura of corruption- the subjegation of the natural world with concrete and steel and man-made elements. A crazed few, however, embrace the horror and become willing avatars of the City's corrupting influence. The miniature of this monster would depict a man with skin turning into concrete, with rusty rebar and bundles of cable bursting from his "flesh".
Points: 70
Range: 0/
Plot Twists: +0

M:04-05-05-06-05-04-03-X Manifest*
A:08-09-09-10-09-08-07-X Improvise Weapon**
D:14-15-16-17-16-14-12-X Corrupted Flesh (Invulnerable)
D:02-02-02-02-02-02-01-X Ambush
*As a move action, place this monster on an unoccupied Bloodspot.
**This monster has a Range value of 4 when occupying Hindering terrain.

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