Summon Shadows Cleaver - Do not make a close combat attack. Instead, place up to 4 hindering terrain markers in distinct, adjacent spaces within this monster's range value that do not contain blocking terrain. This monster must have clear line of fire to at least one space in which a marker is placed this way. Remove the markers from the game at the beginning of your next turn. If this monster has a range of 0, use a range of 1.


  • Summon Shadows is based on the HeroClix power Smoke Cloud, and is functionally identical.
  • Certain monsters were posted on It's Wicked Fun as having a power called Illusion or Summon Darkness. Those monsters have Summon Shadows instead and will be represented as such on this wiki.
  • Note that a close combat action is not the same thing as a close combat attack, and that these actions can be assigned even if it would not be legal to make an attack of the corresponding type, meaning that this power can be used while the monster is not adjacent to an opposing monster. See also: Raise the Dead.
  • Phantasm is Summon Shadows with a set range of 4.