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Lab Assistant
Rank: Rookie Cabal: No Cabal
Points: 20 Plot Twists: +0
Collectors #: Lab-031 Rarity: 1
Type: Monster Status: Active
Sculptor: WizKids Studio Painter: Chris Hart
3rd Degree Burns (Accuracy) - If the attack succeeds against a single target, this monster gets +1 to its damage value.
Agony - This monster gets +1 to its damage value for each action token on the target.
“Sometimes dead bodies are hard to come by. But that’s okay, because it’s easier to find live ones. Conk ’em on the head, keep ’em tied down, and try to make sure they don’t make too much noise. If they do, just let ’em drink a little boiling acid. It might make ’em dead, but so what? That’s what the doctor wanted in the first place.”
Errata: None
FAQ: None

Review: by pumpkinhead

Sculpt: She looks like a big mean slime carrying nutcase and the barrel of slime looks great, a nice use of transparent plastic which I always love to see. She's larger than the pic suggests and looks like she could throttle a frothweiler with her bare hands. She fits in nicely with most of the lab pieces.

Gameplay: What do you get for 20 points? Third degree burns if you get to close to this piece. She's not great on the attack and not especially hard to hit either. Her attack is 1 point all the way down the dial and her range of 4 is useful but doesn't exactly make her reliable at range. She does have accuracy and agony though to boost her damage, as she starts with both at the same time you can rely on her doing more than her single point of damage. Is she worth it? Compared to other figures in this price range she's a well rounded piece in every way and is a reasonable investment if you have points spare.

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