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Insect Man
Beast, Insect
Rank: Rookie Cabal: No Cabal
Points: 30 Plot Twists: +0
Collectors #: Lab-037 Rarity: 2
Type: Monster Status: Active
Sculptor: Jeff Grace Painter: Chris Hart
Mandibles (Trap) - Opposing monsters that roll to break away from this monster must roll a 6 to succeed.
Snack - The first time this monster slays a victim each turn, heal it of 1 damage.
Stamina - Damage dealt to this monster is reduced by 1.
“Genetic graft appears to be taking hold. He no longer employs verbal communication, and is increasingly hostile toward me and other researchers. The glucose solution no longer seems to fully sustain his metabolic needs, as he has captured at least one of my assistants and extracted his bone marrow through some sort of proboscis. It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.”
—From the notes of Dr. Jonathan Varley
Errata: None
FAQ: None

Review: by Joel "jthesquid" Gibson

Sculpt 9/10 - This is great concept for a piece and it is beautifully executed. The Stag Beetle head and arm are very well done. The added detail of the shackle on the ankle is the icing on the cake.

Flavour Text 9/10 - This is yet another episode in the Dr.Jonathon Varley lab notes. A charming picture of man and insect combined into one. Bone marrow sucking is always a winner. One complaint - the sculpt clearly has mandibles, but no proboscis.

Playability/Dial 9/10 - This may be, pound for pound the best figure in the Lab set. It opens up with a high defense with Stamina even if it does drop off after a few clicks. The consistently high attack and damage make this piece a winner. Mandibles (Trap) make foes stick around to take their damage. If that isn't enough it can Snack back up a click when necessary. Add in an hourglass-into-death click to rob your opponent the victory points should they not finish it off. All this for 30 points! Coleoptastic!

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