Hellbound cabal symbol

The Hellbound are an original HorrorClix cabal consisting primarily of Occultists and Hellspawn.


Introduced in 1.0Edit

Introduced in 1.5Edit

Cabal Leaders in bold & italic.

Cabal PowersEdit

  • HrC088 Rasputin Cabal Power: Banish - All friendly members of this cabal get +1 to their attack values against Hellspawn and Spirits.
  • Gx059 Lilith Cabal Power: Demonic Deception - When a friendly member of monster's this cabal is declared the target of an attack, roll a d6. On a result of 5 or 6, the attack cannot be made and the attack cannot attack this monster for the rest of the turn. The attacker's controller must choose another target or declare a different action if possible.
  • TE056 Kuraimajin Cabal Power: Summon Darkness - When a friendly member of this monster's cabal is given a close combat action, you may choose not to make a close combat attack. Instead, place up to 4 hindering terrain markers in distinct, adjacent spaces within that monster's range value that do not contain blocking terrain. That monster must have clear line of fire to at least one space in which a marker is placed this way. Remove the markers from the game at the beginning of your next turn. If that monster has a range of 0, use a range of 1.
  • TMIF004 Aleister Crowley Cabal Power: Goetia - Once during your suspense phase, you may choose this monster or a friendly Occultist cabal member. The chosen monster must have zero or one action tokens. Give the chosen monster an action token and choose a non-continuous power showing on a friendly Hellspawn or Spirit's dial that does not cause a monster's card to flip or its dial to automatically turn to a starting line. The chosen monster has the chosen power until the beginning of your next turn.