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Occultist, Robot
Rank: Unique Cabal: No Cabal
Points: 140 Plot Twists: +2
Collectors #: Lab-085 Rarity: 6
Type: Monster Status: Active
Sculptor: James Carter Painter: Chris Hart

Deadshot - If the attack succeeds against a single target, this monster gets +2 to its damage value.
Invulnerable - Damage dealt to this monster is reduced by 2. This monster is not vulnerable when it has two action tokens.
Mind Control - If the attack succeeds, deal no damage. The monster is possessed.


“Gyrus is the culmination of years of work in human-hybrid cybernetics. Arguably the most difficult part of programming self-preservation is the AI. But that requires staffing a bunch of coffee-swilling programmers. We found it was much easier just to implant the brain of a paranoid-schizophrenic patient and condition it to believe everyone is out to get it. Add some artillery and heavy armor and you’ve got one amazing operative for crowd control.”

Errata: None
FAQ: None
Review: by Joel "jthesquid" Gibson

Sculpt 8/10 - A brain in a jar, a big robotic body, big guns, a radar dish - this baby has it all. While detail on the guns and the brain may be lacking, this is still the very picture of robo-schizoid menace.

Flavour Text 7/10 - The text is long and it fits well into the storyline of the Lab. The terror of the experiment gone wrong is left to the imagination. My only question is: why would you have to condition a paranoid-schizophrenic to believe everyone was out to get it? Isn't that the definition of paranoid?

Playability/Dial 8/10 - This is a pricey figure, but two extra plot twists account for some of the points. The speed is consistenly slow. The defense is never that high, but Invulnerability should keep it from taking damage too early. attack is low, but increases as more damage is taken. The real key is the range attack powers. Deadshot for up to four damage on one figure is incredible. Better yet, Mind Control on two figures is unstoppable. Imagine, mind controlling two zombies, having them attack each other and then each take one additional damage and be double marked at the end of the turn. That really is crowd control.

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