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Freakshow was the third HorrorClix 1.0 set. Released in May 2007, the set had a strong carnival theme, with highly evocative and interconnected flavor text describing a dangerous travelling carnival staffed by monsters and run by a demonic Ringmaster. While the carnival is never given a name within the flavor text, a convention exclusive HeroClix/HorrorClix crossover map released later that year was titled "Stephen Bros. Carnival".

Set List Edit

  1. FS-001 Vampire Roustabout R
  2. FS-002 Vampire Roustabout E
  3. FS-003 Bloody Tom V
  4. FS-004 Wildman R
  5. FS-005 Wildman E
  6. FS-006 Wildman of Borneo V
  7. FS-007 Wolfboy R
  8. FS-008 Wolfboy E
  9. FS-009 Jak-Jak The Wolf Boy V
  10. FS-010 Cannibal Clowns R
  11. FS-011 Cannibal Clowns E
  12. FS-012 Snack Pack V
  13. FS-013 Escape Artist R
  14. FS-014 Escape Artist E
  15. FS-015 Voodini V
  16. FS-016 Hungry Bertha R
  17. FS-017 Hungry Bertha E
  18. FS-018 Big Big Bertha V
  19. FS-019 Kuranes R
  20. FS-020 Kuranes E
  21. FS-021 King Kuranes V
  22. FS-022 Firebreather R
  23. FS-023 Firebreather E
  24. FS-024 Scorch V
  25. FS-025 Zombie Ventriloquist R
  26. FS-026 Zombie Ventriloquist E
  27. FS-027 Morty and Chuckles V
  28. FS-028 Monster Patrol R
  29. FS-029 Monster Patrol E
  30. FS-030 Bailey and Jameson V
  31. FS-031 Knife Thrower R
  32. FS-032 Knife Thrower E
  33. FS-033 The Great Slicini V
  34. FS-034 Carny R
  35. FS-035 Carny E
  36. FS-036 Skell V
  37. FS-037 Snake Oil Salesman R
  38. FS-038 Snake Oil Salesman E
  39. FS-039 Dr. Barker V
  40. FS-040 Undead Vendor R
  41. FS-041 Undead Vendor E
  42. FS-042 Southpaw V
  43. FS-043 Freddie Von Bludd R
  44. FS-044 Alex Von Bludd E
  45. FS-045 Von Bludd Brothers V
  46. FS-046 Officer 7 R
  47. FS-047 Officer 13 E
  48. FS-048 Officer Friendly V
  49. FS-049 Gypsy Seer R
  50. FS-050 Gypsy Seer E
  51. FS-051 Madame Gehenna V
  52. FS-052 Phantom Maneater R
  53. FS-053 Phantom Maneater E
  54. FS-054 Snuggles V
  55. FS-055 Bat Boy R
  56. FS-056 Bat Boy E
  57. FS-057 Eddie The Bat Boy V
  58. FS-058 Victorian Vampire R
  59. FS-059 Victorian Vampire E
  60. FS-060 Gerard V
  61. FS-061 Fan Dancer R
  62. FS-062 Fan Dancer E
  63. FS-063 Crimson V
  64. FS-064 Flying Monkeys R
  65. FS-065 Flying Monkeys E
  66. FS-066 Lost Winkies V
  67. FS-067 Zombie Strongman R
  68. FS-068 Zombie Strongman E
  69. FS-069 Herculon V
  70. FS-070 Animal Tamer R
  71. FS-071 Animal Tamer E
  72. FS-072 Alana V
  73. FS-073 Firefighter R
  74. FS-074 Firefighter E
  75. FS-075 Big Red V
  76. FS-076 Tattooed Man R
  77. FS-077 Tattooed Man E
  78. FS-078 Abel Terror V
  79. FS-079 Rabid Bear R
  80. FS-080 Rabid Bear E
  81. FS-081 Bobo V
  82. FS-082 She-Wolf R
  83. FS-083 She-Wolf E
  84. FS-084 Lupina V
  85. FS-085 Elephant Man
  86. FS-086 Tracker
  87. FS-087 Funhouse
  88. FS-088 Fiji Mermaid
  89. FS-089 Snake Charmer
  90. FS-090 Hearteater
  91. FS-091 Johnny Dead
  92. FS-092 Bogeyman
  93. FS-093 Cotswold Giant
  94. FS-094 Templar
  95. FS-095 Yama
  96. FS-096 Ringmaster
  97. FS-097 Carousel Ghost
  98. FS-098 Pierced Zombie
  99. FS-200 Bull
  100. FS-201 Miss Slyther
  101. FS-202 Tunnel Terror
  102. FS-203 Billy Stank
  103. FS-205 Wacko Jacko Lantern
  104. FS-206 The Black Death BUMPED
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