Und011 Dr. Jekyll is a HorrorClix 1.5 monster released as part of the HeroClix: Undead set.

Card Edit

45 Points, +0 Twists

  • Oroboros ...AND MR. HYDE - Once per turn, if this monster is on its red click numbers, you may give it a move action. Instead of moving, turn this monster's dial to blue click #1 and give it 3 Potion counters. At the beginning of your turn, remove a Potion counter. When this monster has no Potion counters, turn its dial to a red click of the same number.
  • [DEF] Peak Human Condition (Stamina) - Damage dealt to this monster is reduced by 1.
  • [DMG] Brilliant Insights (Outwit) - Once per turn, as a free action, you may choose a monster within 10 spaces of this monster to which it has a clear line of fire. Choose a non-continuous power possessed by the chosen monster. That power is ignored until the beginning of your next turn. If this monster loses this power or ceases to have a clear line of fire to the chosen monster, the chosen power is no longer ignored.
  • Some People Don't Approve of My Methods (Stealth) - A line of fire drawn to this monster that crosses hindering terrain, including the space this monster occupies, is blocked.
  • What Is Happening To Me? (Sidestep) - Once per turn as a free action, this monster may move up to 2 spaces.
  • [SPD] I... KILL YOU (Acceleration) Boot - When frenzying, modify this monster's speed value by +3.
  • [ATK] Strength Unbound (Agony) Cleaver - This monster gets +1 to its damage value for each action token on the target.
  • I Am Still a Doctor, You Know (Heal) Cleaver - Target an adjacent friendly monster, ignoring all combat value modifiers. Neither monster may be adjacent to any opposing monster. If the attack roll succeeds, roll a d6 and subtract 2 from the result (minimum 1). The target is healed of an amount of damage equal to the result. On a critical hit, heal the target of one extra damage. On a critical miss, the target takes one unpreventable damage instead.
  • Mindless Rage (Insanity) - At the beginning of your turn, roll 2d6. If the result is less than 7, this monster is insane that turn.

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