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Doctor Van Raechter
Slasher, Scientist
Rank: Unique Cabal: No Cabal
Points: 125 Plot Twists: +2
Collectors #: Lab-096 Rarity: 6
Type: Monster Status: Active
Sculptor: Dave Summers Painter: Chris Hart
Minion Power: Slasher Minion - All friendly Slasher minions have the Leather Straps (Torture) power below, as long as this monster is in play.  If this monster is killed, remove all friendly Slasher minions from the map.
Leather Straps (Torture) - If the attack succeeds, you may choose to deal no damage. If you do, give the target an action token instead.
Scalpel (Slash) - If the attack succeeds, roll a d6 before dealing damage. Replace this monster’s damage value with the result.
Rampage - If this monster kills a monster, it makes another close combat attack as a free action.

"Today, my minions," the doctor said, looking over the students standing before him, "we will delve into the mysteries of the human tolerance for pain.  Of course, such examination is completely lost on a cadaver.  That can't really tell you that much at all, can they?"

Errata: None
FAQ: None

Review: by Joel "jthesquid" Gibson

Sculpt 9/10 - This one is affectionately known as "Dr. Tongue." It is creative. It is bloody. It is detailed. This is what horror-themed toys should look like.

Flavour Text 9/10 - An interesting scenario is presented which vaguely reminds me of my first year lab course. It gives the character a story and a personality. Excellent.

Playability 8/10 - This is a pure attack piece. While slow, be sure to get this one blooded and then on to the enemy ASAP. The attack values are consistently high. Slash is present for most of the dial and is replaced with high damage and Rampage later on. The only drawback is a lack of defense powers to back up the high defense. Leather Straps (Torture) is a power best used by the minons not this powerhouse.

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